ENDO bicycle company Endou Shoji Co., Ltd. JapaneseJapanese

We know the possibility of the bicycle.

We assume the development and sales of a product pleased with by a customer a base.

“The health of the customer and The consideration to the global environment”

We make various flowers that we can do only in us bloom.
Please expect it of the ENDOU SHOJI who advances without neglecting a new challenge in the future.

While the voice of the visitor is fed back surely, the product which the former product development of a managed system is performed surely, and was made of the cause of a sufficient regime is shipped to the market in the ENDOU SHOJI.

We think that we watch a smile of customer, business partner happily.
We would like to try for the richness of the heart and creation of comfortable life.
Brightly, vigorously, Courtesy is good.
We want to always improve with the feeling of thanks.

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